At our annual fly-in breakfast, cadets gain experience in working the flight line.

Friendly Reminders

1.  CAP Form 32 : Every time you go to an activity or exercise that involves leaving the squadron hangar, you'll typically need to bring a completed Cap Form 32 (Example), which will need to be filled out for each activity.  The form is a description of the event (Who, What, Where, When) and the top half is a half is a permission slip.  This is required for insurance reasons.

2.  Finding out about Wing Activities:  Subscribe to the Wing Mailing Lists to find out about events and activities as soon as they're announced.  We are in Group 4, but it doesn't hurt to sign up for announcements from the other groups, as Groups 2 and 3 have events and activities that are often closer than many Group 4 activities.  Another way to spot upcoming events is to go to the Wing Calendar Page.

3.  National Cadet Special Activities:  The first step to being selected to attend an NCSA activity is to attend Encampment.  If you miss Minnesota Wing Encampment, there are Encampment options available in other Wings.  Applications for Summer NCSAs are accepted from 1 December to 15 January.  Applications for Winter NCSAs are accepted from 15 September to 15 October.  See here for more information.

4.  Cadet Super Chart  Nearly everything you would want to know about the Cadet Program, at a glance. Super Chart

5.  Cadet Tracker: A handy way to keep track of your promotion progress. It's sort of like a mini "Cadet Super Chart" that's tailor-made for the individual cadet. CAP VA 52-101



Download the April through June 2019 Calendar (PDF)


New Member First Steps

Welcome aboard! After your membership has been approved by National Headquarters, you will be contacted with your CAP identification number (CAPID).  This number will allow you to log in to the E-Services website ( which is your main portal to your initial online resources.

Cadets and Seniors:  Use this presentation as a guide for your first log-in at E-Services:  Getting Started (Steps after 11 are for cadets only)

Cadets can find the first chapter leadership material linked from here.
Use the "Learning to Lead" option.  This page also has other information about earning your first cadet promotion.  Ask your chain of command if you have any questions.

Both cadets and senior members should also take the "Introduction to CAP Safety" course.  From the main E-Services screen (after login), select "Safety Management System (SMS)" from the list of links on the left side of the page. Then click on the box with the apple symbol "Online Safety Education".  The "Introduction to CAP Safety" class is at top of the next screen.  Select the course link and read it thoroughly before taking the test.  Do not take other tests on the Online Safety Education page without direction from your chain of command.

Sign up for the Minnesota Wing e-mail announcements to find out about CAP opportunities outside of the squadron.

Seniors Members only: complete the Equal Opportunity Briefing and Foundations Course.  Print out the CPPT and Foundations exercise/quizzes and bring your completed answers to the next squadron meeting to discuss with the Deputy Commander for Seniors.